Changing Conditions of the Automotive Industry

The automotive industry has recently been going through immense changes for quite a variety of reasons. Not only has the introduction of ride-hailing services changed automotive industry trends considerably, but consumers, too, have become far more informed than ever. What this essentially means is that instead of falling prey to marketing and advertising tactics that that have been used for decades, consumers have more preferences of their own and know just what they need in their vehicles. Interested in learning more about the latest automotive industry consumer trends and how they can be leveraged to target the right audiences at the right time? Read on to find out everything you need to know about the changing condition of the automotive industry.


It is expected that as many as 40% of all car buyers in 2020 will be millennials. Needless to say, the majority of these – a whopping 88% - are expected to use the internet to perform research for the vehicles that they’d like and their features. Since most buyers today know exactly what they need, it’s no surprise that they have a list of possible options and are essentially just looking for the right deal at the right time.


With data breaches on the rise, it’s no surprise that consumers are now more concerned about their privacy than ever. Much like the automotive industry, consumers of the automotive industry, too, are interested in making purchases through platforms where their privacy isn’t at stake.


There’s nothing that the new generation is more interested in than the transparency of services, and the automotive industry is no exception. Since no-obligation platforms were a rare find in the past, consumers are now constantly on the lookout for open and fair platforms that that allow users to make informed decisions without being pressurized.

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