The Top 10 Most Popular Trucks In Texas.

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Jan 01, 2021

Curious what the top-selling vehicle is in Texas? Just imagine the towing capacity and powerful drive train of the… Toyota Camry?

If that doesn’t sound much like the Texas you know and love, it’s because the numbers crowning the Toyota Camry come from quote requests. If you look at raw sales numbers from Kelley Blue Book, that crown belongs to the Ford F-150.

Texas isn’t just the stereotype you hear from other states — don’t worry; they’re just jealous — but it is the number two state for truck purchases in the USA. If you’re one of the many buyers in the market for a truck in Austin, Dallas, or another wonderful community of this great state, we have a list of favorite trucks to help you make the right choice.

Ford F150 - The Most Popular Truck in Texas

Ford F150.jpg

The F150 is a practical and powerful choice for many drivers in Texas. It was named the “Truck of Texas” 14 times, and the Texas edition features a trailer package and polished chrome accents. The F150 is a flexible choice, offering stripped-down versions suitable for towing and working, while upgraded packages make it a near-luxury truck.

You can purchase a new F150 starting at MSRP $28,940. Towing capacity ranges from 5,000 to 11,000 depending on the configuration. Plus, full tech packages give you touch screens and workspaces to make working on-the-go a snap. There’s even a V6 hybrid option.

Chevy Silverado - A Texas-Sized Competitor

Chevy Silverado.jpg

The F150 may be the most popular, but the Silverado has a long working history in Texas. Chevy also offers a Texas edition of their popular mid-sized truck with Texas badges, polished chrome, and different towing packages. Standard Silverados also provide flexibility for drivers who may want a serious work truck or something to haul outdoor equipment.

Chevy Silverado starts at MSRP $28,000 with towing up to 9800 lbs. 420 horsepower and gas mileage of 23 miles in the city and 33 miles on the highway, it’s efficient and powerful.

RAM 1500 - A Pile of Incentives

RAM 1500.jpg

RAM frequently offers deals and incentives for their new and used models. The company is trying to chip away at Texas residents’ love for Ford and Chevy truck models. If you’re in the market for an aggressively styled truck with lots of power, a RAM model could be a great place to start.

At MSRP $32,245 base, quad and crew cab choices, and a 260 to 702 horsepower range, it’s a powerful option for work and play.

Toyota Tundra - Great Trade-in Value

Toyota Tundra.jpg

Toyota may not be the first name you think of as a truck maker, but its emphasis on long-term value makes the Tundra a good choice. If you frequently upgrade your truck, the Tundra offers excellent resale and trade-in value thanks to Toyota’s reputation for longevity.

Toyota Tundra starts at MSRP $33,825 and offers towing capacity of 8,800 to 10,200 lbs. Toyota offers safety features like Toyota Safety Sense P and a range of technology and upgraded interior packages.

Chevrolet Colorado - A Diesel Alternative

Chevy Colorado.jpg

If diesel is your preferred fuel of choice, the Chevy Colorado offers a 700-pound towing capacity and a classic Chevy design. It’s easy to drive and offers a lesser-known Chevrolet model with everything you love about Chevy trucks.

The Colorado starts at MSRP $25,200, an affordable starter for work trucks. It features a crew and extended cab choice and bed lengths from 61.2 to 74.4 inches. Diesel options get up to 30 highway miles per gallon.

GMC Canyon - Perfect for City Driving

GMC Canyon.jpg

The Sierra may be GMC’s go-to towing truck, but the Canyon offers city drivers something special. The reduced silhouette and ultra-comfortable interior offer mobility for primarily in-town driving, while the V6 engine offers enough power to feel like you’re driving a real truck.

It’s still a powerful choice with towing up to 7,000 pounds and up to 308 horsepower. Base models start at MSRP $26,400 with overall dimensions of 212 to 225 inches long by 74 inches wide by 70 to 71 inches high.

GMC Sierra - Light Duty but Full Size

GMC Sierra.jpg

Speaking of the Canyon, the Sierra is also a powerful option for Texans who want a range of engine choices for casual driving to work capability. The Sierra provides a wide range of options for customizing the trim, design, features, and power, as well as a luxury Denali edition popular among used trucks.

Three cab options, up to 30 miles per gallon on the highway, a towing range of 6,600 to 9,800 lbs and MSRP from $29,600, it’s a competitive choice.

Nissan Frontier - A Unique Take on Truck Design

Nissan Frontier.jpg

The Frontier may not be the most powerful or have classic truck styling, but it does offer a unique body designed to make in-town driving more comfortable. It comes with a decent V6 engine and several configurations available for both new and used models.

It features forward-thinking perks like push-button start, king cab seating with pillarless doors, and crew cab seating in multiple configurations. Smart interior storage, Nissan Navigation, and base MSRP of $26,790 give it a unique angle.

Ford F-Series Super Duty - Upgraded for Work

Ford F-Series Super Duty.jpg

The F-Series Super Duty line includes the 250, 350, 450. With multiple cab styles and trim packages, drivers can enjoy the benefits of a comfortable cap with media options in addition to powerful V6 engines or turbocharged V8 with diesel choices. For those of you with big jobs, these trucks have a payload capacity of nearly 7700 lbs. and can tow as much as 35,000 lbs. depending on the model you choose.

MSRP starts at $34,230 for the f250 and Ford offers three cab styles with multiple technology and interior packages.

RAM Heavy Duty - More Towing and Aggressive Styling

RAM Heavy Duty.jpg

The 2500 and 3500 series RAM trucks provide the power and torque drivers need to haul those large 5th-wheel or trailer rigs. They have payloads up to 7680 lbs, giving drivers the flexibility to haul both for hobbies and work. Drivers in rural areas will have a truck that can handle heavy-duty jobs, and the option of a turbo-diesel engine opens up fuel choices.

MSRP starts at $34,094 for the 2500 and both have a Mega cab choice with 43 inches of rear-seat legroom and class-exclusive forward flat-fold seats.

Buying a Truck in Texas

Buying a truck in Texas is a rite of passage. The state may be interested in smaller fuel-efficient cars at times, but it’s trucks that provide the real interest for Texas drivers across the state. With Autodigg's search feature, you can find the truck of your dreams at a competitive price —without signing up for a lifetime of spammy auto ads. It’s time to find a truck that works for you.

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