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Jul 05, 2019

Buying a car has always been a hassle; either you have to waste hours haggling over the price while dealing with pushy salesmen or you go through the car listing websites with no guarantee of the best deal. Not only that, your contact information is shared, leading to awkward phone calls and emails. The NYTimes article of how TRUECar® shares buyer’s contact information and what it leads to is a prime example of how user information is shared freely in the auto industry.


There is another way, a smarter way, which guarantees to save time, money, and haggle. The proven technique with which you make car dealers compete for your business in an open and secure platform. We like to call it - Autodigg’s way.

When Car Dealers Compete, YOU WIN!

Here’s How it Works:

  • Autodigg differentiates itself as a platform connecting buyers directly with local dealers without any 3rd party involved.

  • Autodigg is an open platform in which a dealer can see other offers creating a competitive environment giving the best deals on the used cars and new cars.

  • Buyers can further communicate and negotiate with local dealers using our platform in real-time without sharing their contact information.

  • The buyer can either accept or reject an offer. By accepting the offer, the buyer's contact information is shared with the dealer, and the buyer will receive a locked-in price certificate.

  • Now Register, Validate and, Let Them Fight FOR YOU!


Here’s why making car dealers compete for your business is so efficient with Autodigg?

  • Convenience - Getting car quotes from multiple dealers can now be accomplished while at the comfort of your home. Now, avoid haggling of going to the dealership or getting an awkward phone call or writing unwanted emails.

  • Best Deal Guaranteed - The open nature of Autodigg leads to the competitive environment resulting in the best deals on used cars and best deals on new cars. Dealers can now see in real-time that if they don’t aggressive discount the vehicle's price, then the buyer will take another offer. And that is why YOU WIN! When Dealers Compete For You.

  • Security - We guarantee that we will never share your contact information with any dealer. We only share your contact information at your discretion when you accept any offer.

Numbers Don’t Lie:

  • Our records suggest that buyers save 100’s, if not, 1,000’s of dollars on a new car and a used car when they make dealers compete for their business.

  • CarBargains claims that they save their customers 1,575 on average compared to TRUECar. In some instances, buyers get $6,000 less than MSRP. The only problem with Carbargains is that they come with a steep fee of $250 to their customers and they only help with new cars.

  • As of now, Autodigg can help with both new cars and used cars. We also provide our service for free. If that changes, in the future, we can promise you that it will be a fraction of what our competitors charge.

Here are some of the pointers for getting the best deals on a used car or a new car:

  • Know what car you want to buy
    We highly recommend that you decide on the car which you want to buy and if possible, take a test drive. At Autodigg, it is that’s why mandatory to select your Car Type, Car Make, and Car Model before you start the bidding war.

  • Do your research
    Know your price point. Always talk about the out of door price while negotiating with the dealer. Try to know the options you are looking for in the car.

  • Ask for other discounts and rebates
    Try to get other perks like a lifetime oil change or 2-year maintenance warranty with used cars. Our Dealers provide a similar option with all offers which, help save more money to our Buyers.

  • Financing
    Before buying a car, have a gauge on what kind of monthly payment you can afford and what kind of deposit you can put. Having a pre-approval letter always helps negotiate a better deal. Please refer to our blog Top Tips to Ensure the Best Deal Possible to get more details.

  • Trade-in
    It should come to no surprise that a clean vehicle is more appealing to a dealership than a filthy one. Whether you’re on the hunt for a brand new ride or are scouring your local car dealerships used cars, a clean trade-in is always better to bargain with. The trick is to remove any ammo they might use against you during the inspection process. Find more details here - Get The Most Out Of Your Get The Most Out Of Your Trade-In.

Future and Vision

As of now, Autodigg is live only in Texas. We strive towards our goal of becoming the best in the business while providing real value to both our buyers and dealers along with, expanding nationwide.

As we move forward, we are always eager to hear your feedback: here.

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