F. A. Q

What is AutoDigg?

  • AutoDigg is a platform that allows dealership the opportunity to provide quotes to buyers in an open and fair manner. Dealers and car buyers can use our platform to communicate and negotiate the price of used and new cars without sharing any personal information.

How does the process work?

  • Step 1. Car buyers can join and login via their preferred social media platform.
  • Step 2. They can then select car preferences and specify their zip code as well as the distance (miles) they are willing to travel for purchasing.
  • Step 3. Once the preferences are confirmed, an automated email is sent to all dealerships that fit with the buyer preferences within the preferred area of distance.
  • Step 4. Buyers can now receive bids from dealerships while comparing offers. This process facilitates a competitive environment that is likely to result in creating the best offer for buyers. This step also allows dealers to add more information such as pictures, videos, or special offers associated with the car.
  • Step 5. Car buyers can then compare all deals and communicate with the dealership using our secure live chat function to negotiate and ask questions without sharing any personal contact information.
  • Step 6. After a decision has been made on a car, buyers can then accept or like a final offer and share contact information to complete the transaction with that particular dealer. After acceptance, the car buyer has two days to schedule a test drive.

What happens after the buyer likes or accepts the dealership offer?

  • Once a buyer accepts the offer, contact information is shared between both parties and the buyer has two working days to schedule a test drive before the deal cancels.

As a buyer, what if I decide not to buy a car after accepting an offer?

  • There are no fees associated with any cancellation. We respect the buyer’s decision, and we do not charge buyers in any circumstances. We understand that things come up during the purchasing process, so we do not require you to complete a deal even if you accepted it on our platform.

What personal information does AutoDigg gather from buyers?

  • We collect your name, address, email address and profile picture (from Facebook, Twitter or Google). We will never sell or share your personal contact information with any third party vendors. Your information is only shared with dealerships when you like or accept an offer.

How much does the service cost?

  • This service will always be free for car buyers. Car dealerships can expect this service to remain free for the first six months. We will then consult with dealers who have joined to create a profit-sharing model that works for most.

Will I ever be contacted by any dealerships?

  • AutoDigg does not sell or distribute any personal car buyer contact information to any third party vendor, and this includes dealerships.

How long does it take for a buyer to receive an offer?

  • The entire process, starting from a buyer confirming their search preferences to finally accepting an offer should be completed within five business days. The offer will expire after this period.

As a dealership, do I have to sign any contract or pay any subscription fees?

  • No. We do not require a contract, and we do not charge subscription fees. A dealership can unsubscribe from this service and discontinue from being part of our platform at any time.

I have feedback that I would like to share, where can I send it?

  • We are dedicated to consistently improving our service to you, so we welcome all feedback. You can email us at support@autodigg.com.

Autodigg is a privacy-centric platform that enables Car Buyers to buy Cars 100% online from local Car Dealers while staying Anonymous, including financing and insurance quotes from leading vendors.

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